We source our apples from over 50 different locations around the area, ranging from small gardens to  wild hedgerows and more extensive orchards. Anyone in Yorkshire with spare apples can get involved and we offer cider in return for suitable varieties. If you have spare apples and would like to get involved, then please contact us.


All our apples are sourced from within the county, making this a true Yorkshire Cider; we don’t buy in apples from other parts of the country. By using local apples, we make sure that the taste of our cider expresses the unique varieties, climate, soils and environment of this region.

The county of Yorkshire has a long history of apple growing, with a number of old apple varieties that have been developed in the county, most notably the Ribston Pippin, from Ribston Hall, and likely to be the parent of the Cox’s Orange Pippin. In spring 2016 we started a new orchard in Thornborough, planting 240 trees to get started, including some Yorkshire varieties andP1020049 some specific cider varieties. The orchard should start producing apples in 2017 with full production from 2019 onwards.


Some of our apples:

We calulate that the final blend contains over 50 varieties of apple including (depending on season):

Acklam Russet
Annie Elisabeth
Aromatic Russet
Arthur Turner
Baxters Pearmain
Beauty of Kent
Blenheim Orange
Bloody Ploughman
Brownlea Russet
Charles Ross
Christmas Pippin
Claygate Pearmain
Court of Wick
D’Arcy Spice
Devonshire Quarrenden
Dog Snout
Duke of Devonshire
Egremont Russet
Ellison Orange
Flower of Kent
Flower of Town
Freada Norther Festival
Golden Noble
Golden Pippin
Hanwell Soaring
Howgate Wonder
Irish Peach
James Grieve
John Downie
John Standish
Keswick Codling
King of the Pippins
Kingston Black
Lady’s Finger of Bledlington
Lady’s Finger of Lancaster
Lady Henniker
Lanes Prince Albert
Laxton Superb
Lemon Pippin
Lemon Square
Lime Light
Lord Derby
Lord Lambourne
Lord Suffield
May Queen
Michlemas Red
Nancy Jackson
New Bess Pool
Newton Wonder
Orange Goff
Pickerings Seedling
Pignose Pippin
Prince Edward
Red Devil
Red Ellison
Red Laxton Fortune
Reinette Du Canada
Ribston Pippin
Strawberry Pippin
Tydemans Late Orange
Yorkshire Beauty
Yorkshire Greening
Warners King

and several more!